CAFE Kiitos Mint Syrup

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CAFE Kiitos homemade Mint syrup
You can enjoy the popular menu of CAFE Kiitos at home.

Mint, a popular herb used on CAFE Kiitos's menu, is made into Cordial syrup※.

The mint used in CAFE Kiitos is a higher grade mint that feels properly refreshing and clean.

A different kind of pancake with mint-scented syrup.
Crispy toast with mint-scented syrup for an elegant breakfast.
How about this?

◎for pancakes.
◎for crunchy toast.
◎Mint squash with carbonated water.
◎Mint latte with milk.
◎Mojito-style drink by mixing with alcohol
◎As a syrup for fluffy shaved ice
◎Increase with milk or yogurt
◎Increase with alcohol or water
◎in cakes and sweets

※What is Cordial syrup?
Originally made by soaking herbs in alcohol, the drink was called herbal cordial, but nowadays cordials are mostly made as "herbal syrups" that are non-alcoholic and sweetened.
In England, it has long been made and drunk by every household, and because of the potential benefits of herbs, it was also used as a folk remedy at home.

sugar, peppermint, rosered petal, marigold petal


※Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight. After opening, store in a refrigerator at 10°C or less.
※Ingredients may precipitate, but there is no problem with quality. If this occurs, please shake well before use.

CAFE Kiitos
《Mint squash》Recipe☁

This syrup: 3 tablespoons
Carbonated water: 180ml

Gently stir the mixture to prevent carbonation.


CAFE Kiitos
《Mint squash》Recipe☁

This syrup: 2 table spoon
Milk: 180ml
Pure cocoa: 1 tea spoon

Heat all ingredients in a milk pan and stir.
【point!】The point is not to boil it.

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