CAFE Kiitos Original Fruit Tea (Large) 25g

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【No preservatives or colorings】

Fruit tea made by CAFE Kiitos in the image of Scandinavian countries.
You can now enjoy the popular Fruit tea on the menu of CAFE Kiitos at home.
You can also enjoy the tea leaves after drinking by mixing them with honey.
※The tea leaves are edible, so you can eat them all, but please be aware that some of them are blended with hard herbs [hibiscus, rosehip, cinnamon etc].

each bag size : 130×160mm
total amount : About 6 teapots

《Norway blend》
Norway has a phenomenon called Midnight Sun where the sun shines in the middle of the night.
A fruit blend inspired by the sparkle of the sun, with grapes and hibiscus bathed in sunlight that will make you dreamy.

Ingredients: grape, hibiscus, rosehip / fragrance
Net: 25g

《Sweden blend》
Sweden has a fashionable and pop image, represented by fashion and interior design.
A fruit blend that is perfect for such an image, with sweet and sour peach that bursts with freshness and crisp caramel.

Ingredients: hibiscus, peach bits (peach, rice flour), apple, elderberry, sunflower / fragrance
Net: 25g

《Finland blend》
Beautiful Finland with forests and lakes. With such a Finnish landscape in mind, we created a clear taste with peach and apricot. An enchanting fruit blend in which the sweet and sourness of apricot blends with the sweetness of peach.

Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, orange peel, licorice / fragrance
Net: 25g

《Iceland blend》
A deep blue reminiscent of the Blue Lagoon, a famous natural hot spring in Iceland. The two ripe berries, blueberry and cassis, have a rich aroma, and the moderate acidity makes you feel refreshed.

Ingredients: hibiscus, rosehip, apple, blueberry, blackcurrant, cornflower / fragrance
Contents: 25g
Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, orange peel, licorice / fragrance
Net: 25g

《Denmark blend》
A fruit tea made with bright red apples, inspired by Denmark's famous red tailed mermaid princess.
Sweet and sour cherries, raspberries, and grapes are also included to create a refreshing sour taste.

Ingredients: hibiscus, apple, rosehip, papaya, pineapple, grape, cherry, raspberry, sugar/fragrance, citric acid
Net: 25g


[CAFE Kiitos style how to brew and eat delicious fruit tea]

❶ Pour hot water into the teapot to warm it.

❷Weigh the following amount of tea leaves and put them in a warm teapot.
Norway: 3.5g
Sweden: 3.5g
Finland: 3g
Iceland: 4g
Denmark: 4g

❸ Pour 300cc of hot water at 95°C, and after 4 minutes (5 minutes in Denmark), stir carefully to complete.

❹When you finish drinking, scoop the used tea leaves from the teapot with a teaspoon and take it out in a bowl with honey. [POINT] Let's drain the used tea leaves well.

❺ Mix honey and used tea leaves well in a bowl. [POINT] Mix well enough.

❻ When the honey is no longer stiff and has a thick consistency, it's ready. You can enjoy it like sweets.


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